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imeisoft pro is a web software to build imeis servers . It's simple, you install it in your web domain and that's it, then you can start to create your services, configure the design...

The software has APIS integrated to automate the server, so you can sell fully automatic unlocking codes.

imeisoft pro needs these requirements:
- Web domain
- web hosting with LINUX, PHP 5.4 or higher, MCRYPT libraries installed, scheduled tasks (cronjob), sending SMTP emails .. almost all hosting companies with an average package meet these requirements.

When you buy imeisoft we send you the software completely, which you install in your own hosting, with your private ftp keys, database, etc ...

Unlike others, you are free to choose your own hosting company to install the software.

If you have doubts during the installation we will always help you in the process, we also include manuals as support

the current promotion cost is only 49 euros. It is a single initial payment

Although our software is very complementary we offer this low price

Each month, in the administration panel of your website, you will be asked to buy a renewal code, the cost of which is very low, only 10 euros.

with these 10 euros per month will entitle you to use the software, manuals, support, updates and any help, suggestions for new features you need ... it is not a subscribe.
If for some reason you do not want to use the software anymore, you do not buy any renewal code and that's it.

We hope to have been clear with our pricing policy.

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